Learn the Difference to Enjoy a Fulfilled, Happy, and Frugal life

Learn the Difference to Enjoy a Fulfilled, Happy, and Frugal life

 Investing or for that matter saving money is a trick. It is about reaching the financial goals. A wise balancing helps in fulfilling your short-term wants and keeping the long-term needs.  You can live well; find contentment and joy, even with frugal expenditure.  As such there is no formula to determine the trade-offs. The difference between a want and need is simple. A food is a need, but a designer t-shirt giving perfect fit may not be a need as you already have enough shirts. It is not your need right now but a Humana Health Insurance 2020 which can find one here https://www.healthinsurance2020.org
Normally, the wants and needs get mixed up. It also breaks your budget and there is a need to live frugally to meet your goal.

The difference between needs and want is simple:

  • Need:something that is must- have
  • Want: something you may wish to have

In actuality, there is a need for four things only to survive:

  • A roof, enough water and food, basic hygiene and health care products, and clothing to appear appropriately dressed. Anything and everything that is beyond this such as brand clothes, a big house, a new car, fancy foods and drinks, refers to your want. Of course, all the time you cannot survive only on buying things you need. Life also means to live. Sometimes treat yourself to a few things along the way, but ensure you afford it and enjoy those extras.

Appreciate that you have

On becoming better at differentiating between your needs and wants, you will notice you are fulfilling your wants more and this is a turning point. Do not get tricked by yourself into a deprived feeling. Reflect the ways and decide that is important. People talk about wanting a lot, but they do not make it happen.

Create a Budget Plan

There is a need to come up with a plan, and also to act on it. It may take a really long time than imagined, just work focusing a goal, so that it is empowering. If you feel capable, it is simple to tune and fix the things that you actually do not need, you will not feel deprived and you can put yourself in charge. Keep the financial goals worksheet on paper and also write down your goals. Fit into a budget, plan your big dreams. This will teach you to know your wants and needs, besides keeping in balance.